Addressing Water Stains on Ceilings

Ponder this possibility for a few moments: Imagine you’ve just gotten home from the vacation of a lifetime, and you’re starting to unpack and prepare for life to get back to normal. While unloading a suitcase you happen to glance up, and the feelings of joy and relaxation provided to you from the vacation are […]

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Reasons to Choose A Water Mitigation

Nobody wants to think about their property is the site of water damage. Unfortunately under the right set of circumstances, the normal calms of your home or business may be violated by anything from an unexpected leak to a massive flood.    Whether it’s a leaky roof, a pipe burst, cracks in the foundation, or […]

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Can Black Mould Grow on Carpet?

There are many types of mould that can grow in the humid, moist areas of your Alberta home and impact you and your family’s health. And one of the most common places for mould to grow is in your carpeting. That’s why United Water Restoration Group of North Calgary would like to cover everything you […]

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