Crawl Space Mold Remediation in North Calgary, Alberta

It’s a question that’s likely never crossed your mind. After all, for most property owners, there’s never really a reason to enter a crawl space unless you need to. This common oversight over time often has unforeseen consequences. Both to the property itself and potentially to the health of those on-site.    If you have […]

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Attic Mold Remediation in North Calgary, Alberta

Most people use their attic for storage if they can even use it at all. While many attics have easy access with fold-out stairs or ladders, there are others that are hard to access and often left forgotten. This poses a simple question. Do you know what’s in your attic?  Over time, a small leak […]

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Why Should You Use a Professional Water Damage Company?

Go over the reasons you should use a professional water damage company in North Calgary, Alberta, Canada with the United Water Restoration Group of North Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Call us at (587) 812-8393 to find out how water cleanup professionals can get your home or business back to better-than-new condition. Our team understands what it […]

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