Crawl Space Mold Remediation in North Calgary, Alberta

It’s a question that’s likely never crossed your mind. After all, for most property owners, there’s never really a reason to enter a crawl space unless you need to. This common oversight over time often has unforeseen consequences. Both to the property itself and potentially to the health of those on-site. 


If you have confirmed or suspected mold in your crawl space and you’re in need of crawl space mold remediation, you may be tempted to do it yourself. United Water Restoration Group of North Calgary, Alberta would like to take some time to advise against that approach and to explain why.

Risky Business

When you’re dealing with mold, you’re dealing with a situation that’s often what you can see at the surface level. In a tightly confined space, such as what you’ll experience in crawl space mold remediation, without the proper training and tools you may be looking at a situation that can prove more costly in the long run as well as putting your personal health at risk depending on the severity of the mold growth. 


The current average of mold remediation across the industry is a little over $2,000 in most instances with the cost usually being around $15 to $30 per square foot of coverage. At first, glance that may be a jarring amount, but with insurance coverage, most of them shouldn’t come out of your pocket at all. 


The same can’t be said for attempting to tackle the problem on your own, where failure to provide personal crawl space mold remediation properly could see the mold return, spread, and cause more chaos to your property. That’s not to mention potential medical costs due to mold spore-related illness.

We’re Ready To Answer The Call

When you’re in need of crawl space mold remediation, look no further than our trained professionals at United Water Restoration Group of North Calgary, Alberta. Our lines are open 24 hours a day year-round, and we’re always ready to answer with kind and helpful service. 


Our ability to work with all insurance providers, our knowledge and expertise, and our set of tools make us a clear choice in the fight against mold wherever it may lurk. To contact us today, call (587) 812-8393.

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