Should Carpet Be Replaced After Water Damage?

There are many incidents that can cause carpet water damage in a North Calgary home: overflowing plumbing, weather-related flooding, and leaky appliances to name a few. Water damage to carpets can cause problems like mould, foul odors, and structural damage.


That’s why United Water Restoration Group of North Calgary would like to discuss the reasons you should replace your carpet after water damage in your home.

When You Should Replace Water-Damaged Carpeting

There aren’t any hard-and-fast rules about replacing vs. cleaning water-damaged carpeting. But consider following these guidelines to determine if you should replace carpeting to restore your home:

  • If water soaked through the carpet: Typically, there’s padding under carpet, and this material can get destroyed with water damage, meaning you’ll need to pull up the carpet and replace the padding. In addition, water can often soak through carpet and padding to the base floor, where moisture can get trapped and result in mould growth.
  • If the carpet sat in water for a long period of time: It’s best to address water damage, including damage to carpets, within 24 to 48 hours to prevent mould growth and increase the likelihood of being able to keep your carpets. However, Alberta Health Services recommends discarding carpets and calling restoration or cleaning professionals to clean area rugs.
  • If the water source could have bacteria: Some water sources, like plumbing or weather-related flooding, could be polluted with bacteria. It’s best to get rid of carpets damaged by these sources to properly remove all harmful bacteria from your home.
  • If your carpet wasn’t in good condition before the incident: If your carpeting has tears, stains, or is just old, consider these additional reasons to opt for brand new carpeting that can refresh your space.
  • If your carpet still has a foul odor: After cleaning your carpets, if you still notice a smell, it’s best to remove the carpet, have the area professionally cleaned, and replace it with brand new carpet.

The Best Way to Handle Carpet Water Damage in North Calgary

You can take carpet water damage into your own hands, but the best way to restore your home is to consult a water damage remediation professional. Trust the professionals at United Water Restoration Group of North Calgary to inspect your water-damaged carpeting, remove moisture from the area, and determine if it’s safer to replace rather than clean your carpet. You can contact us 24/7 at (587) 812-8393 to speak with a trained technician.

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