The Differences Between Smoke and Fire Damage

Dealing with the aftermath of a fire can be one of the biggest headaches for a property owner. You’re already dealing with the initial shock of the blaze itself, but now it’s time to confront the damages and see just how bad it really is now that the flames have died down. 


When a fire is large it’s easy to focus on the damage left by the flames, but whether a fire is large or small you’re always going to be dealing with the aftermath left by smoke as well and often to a larger surface area than what the fire damaged. 


Today United Water Restoration Group of North Calgary, Alberta would like to briefly discuss the differences between smoke and fire damage with our readers.


The Differences Between Smoke and Fire Damage

Smoke and fire are each destructive in their own ways, effectively offering double the trouble and double the headache for property owners in the aftermath of a fire. Depending on the severity of the blaze, the amount of fire damage may be extensive or minimal. Unfortunately, when it comes to smoke, damages can be far more widespread.

  • Smoke Damage

Smoke damage is tricky to confront because of just how far it can reach. At best smoke may just leave behind a lingering smell that you need to air out over time. However, a lot of smoke can actually leave behind soot that’s destructive in its own ways. 

Soot residue can permeate the surfaces of the structure and its contents, and without proper deep cleaning can cause additional damages over time. 

The aforementioned smoke smell is an inconvenience, but the long-term damage from soot that hasn’t been cleaned away properly can be a much bigger problem.

  • Fire Damage

Intense heat and the often quick-moving destruction of fire can’t be understated. A small fire can quickly get out of control if the situation enables it, escalating minor damages to a much more serious situation. 

Fire can cause incredible structural damage as well as the destruction of the contents within, often reducing things to ash unless it’s able to be stopped in its tracks quickly. While smoke damage is a more long-term ordeal, the destruction of fire damage is immediately apparent.


After The Blaze, Call Us Today

If you find yourself the victim of a fire, now left with smoke and fire damage to tackle, it’s time to contact professionals that are in your corner. 

Contact United Water Restoration Group of North Calgary, Alberta at (587) 812-8393. Our friendly and professionally trained staff are standing by 24/7 to answer the call of fire damage restoration.

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